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Call me Veronica. Logical. Emotional, but in a way far closer to fictional Vulcans than her own species. The only non-feline, human people she loves are herself, her family, and a certain Gypsy who's surely related in spirit. Preferred defense mechanism: Does she need one? I think everyone around her needs them more.

Call me Nyx. Logical but spiritual, her emotions run far closer to the surface, breaking out in some shocking displays of love, affection, and the everpresent anger. Breaker of a thousand hearts, but broken by few. Far more likely to shy away from the ones she truly cares for to avoid the twisted emotions and shattered pride when they inevitably leave to protect themselves. Preferred defense mechanism: Sleep, and lots of it.

Call me Alice. She's seen the world in all her beauty and tragedy, yet a part of her will ever remain innocent and untouched by true sorrow. Chaotic but somehow logical, her spirit runs wide but shallow. Far more in touch with her emotions, much to the dismay of everyone within a ten-block radius when she feels them. She'll probably never love herself quite as much as she loves her family and friends. Always looking into the hole but never quite jumping in, she breaks few hearts through her method of rarely growing attached-but when she does the aftermath is vicious for all parties involved. She's been broken far more than she breaks, and in the end usually disappears behind one of her more strong-willed sisters. Preferred defense mechanism: Withdrawal from the world, usually involving sad movies, alcohol, and eventually letting her sisters take over.

Call me Promethea. Rational, emotional, but not truly logical, she loves nothing more than the knowledge she thrives on spreading. She has a few friends, but they mostly stay around her for the occasional meeting with her sisters. Preferred defense mechanism: A razorsharp dissemination of the truth, where it hurts most. Ouch.

Call me Akoli. Emotional, kind of rational, but mostly emotional. This rebel with too many causes will sell her soul to make the world a better place. Watch your back around her. While you may feel protactive over her, she's far too distracted saving the world to remember you exist. And this girl knows how to make some major enemies. She loves everything far too much to love anyone specific. Don't even try to get attached, she _will_ break your heart. Preferred defense mechanism: She doesn't want one. Nothing would make her happier than being somehow martyred for one of her pet causes.

Call me Eris. Born of the combined explosion of her sisters Alice and Nyx, her soul is best characterized by what a friend said once: Always falling down the rabbit hole but never quite landing. Logical, rational, and intensely emotional, she's one to be careful around. Chaotic energy thrives around her, and no one including herself will ever be sure if she or the discord came first into any given drama. Does she create chaos? Does chaos create her? The world may never know. She is capable of the most devoted love, but will likely never quite let herself to avoid being shattered by the object of her affections. Far too many have been scared away by the depth and intensity of her emotions, and she would cheerfully kill or die for those who stick with her regardless. Preferred defense mechanism: A double-edged sword she's dubbed Strife. She tests the limits of any interpersonal relationship by tenderly slicing her way around the other's psyche, exploring, learning and leaving love in her wake. Those that do not pass the test remain acquaintances or even friends, but those who do have earned their place as the nobility and royalty of the empire that is her heart.